Finn the humancopic marker test 

Finn the human
copic marker test 

Some radnom as dog  

Some radnom as dog  

Today’s warm up 


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(Source: deecolossus, via mrpandasnatch)

Anonymous said: How did you teach yourself to draw? I'm trying to learn myself but I'm not sure I'm learning anything, really.

1. I’m still learning to draw myself. I just started back drawing a few months ago. If you got through my tumblr. You can see that I’m just referring a lot of stuff. Which is pretty much the key for me.  
2. As long as you’re putting in the time. you’ll improve trust me. 
3. Always try something different.  <——— That’s how you improve 
4. You don’t have to ask anonymously. Next time you can just ask me stright up. I don’t bite. 

I&#8217;m really looking forward to Disney&#8217;s Big hero 6&#8230;..for reasons.

I’m really looking forward to Disney’s Big hero 6…..for reasons.



Made a gif of the Flowergirl in process! A lot of trial-and-error while making the image, but I’m happy with how it eventually turned out. You can see how I start off really really light on the colours and gradually build to full-strength. I didn’t like how I clumped the flowers so I painted…

What I during down time at work 

What I during down time at work 

1. I wanted McDonalds 2. I was watching the &#8220;Make the most of it Rap&#8221;3. I enjoy Anais 4.Shut up 

1. I wanted McDonalds 
2. I was watching the “Make the most of it Rap”
3. I enjoy Anais 
4.Shut up